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Introducing your Next Leader for Hawaii

As your Representative in Congress, I will give you honesty, integrity and accountability

I will vote to repeal Jones Act

Stronger military and law enforcement

More community policing to help stop illegal street drug use

Set up programs that combat homelessness, i.e., MH counseling, drug interdiction

Strong economy

​Set up policies to decrease gas prices and daily consumables costs

​Stand against any government policy that increases fuel, food costs.  We need to get back to gasoline @ around $2/gal

Smaller, less intrusive government, 

Stronger border protection – I stand against giving citizenship to those who entered the US illegally.  Citizenship must be earned, not stolen.  We must strictly enforce immigration laws.  


What makes Largey Great?


Repeal of the Jones Act

Committed to revitalizing our maritime industry and reducing unnecessary costs, Patrick Largey will push to repeal the outdated Jones Act, fostering competition and lowering prices for the American people.

Strong Economy

Patrick Largey will champion policies that drive our economy forward. He will work tirelessly to decrease the prices of gas and everyday goods, striving to return gasoline prices to around $2/gallon. Standing firmly against any policy that inflates fuel and food costs, Largey believes in a thriving economy accessible to all.


Endorsed by Elijah Perick

Endorsed by Republican Representative Elijah Perick. A fellow veteran and patriot. Committed to the ongoing and continued wellbeing of the Hawaiian people. 


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